New Eastman Acoustics and Electrics?
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Mak of Maks Guitars (a fine guitar shop owner in Central London, England) posted a few pictures on his Instagram page, taken at the Guitar Summit in Manheim.

I'm not sure if Instagram links work here, so I have posted it but if it doesn't work then have a look at the 'maksguitars' instagram page.

Difficult to tell from the pictures but from one of the comments Mak suggests there are some new models. 

Is that a new Parlor guitar in there?  The sunburst doesn't look like the current E10P, but like the old E1P Ltd.  Looks like there is a cutaway version of the L-OM-QS too.

I'm sure Eastman will put up details of their new models soon.

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  Killing The Blues: Weissenborn Guitar
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I rather like this - Ed Gerhard playing Killing The Blues on a Weissenborn guitar :-

09-21-2023, 04:48 PM

  Primetone Plectra Triangle 1.4 Picks
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Hey guys, for the flatpickers who use Primetone picks, I have a bag of 10 brand new 1.4 triangle picks I’m selling for $30. They sell for $12.99 for a pack of 3. I will pay the postage to mail them to you. Thanks!


[Image: 0dS1piF.jpg]

[Image: 0uYRH6T.jpg]

09-21-2023, 07:39 AM

  New member: My E20OM-TC
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I purchased a E20OM-TC  from The Acoustic Shoppe back last November when they had their big sale. I never considered Eastman because I thought they couldn't be good quality since I erroneously assumed they were a Chinese knock-off brand. I was severely mistaken. This guitar resonates like crazy and I'm very pleased with it. Go with the thermo-cured version its worth the extra money!  I tried attaching a pic but the site doesn't accept the native heic format my phone uses.  Oh, and they didnt skimp on the guitar case either. Nicest case I've had in 40 years.

I play primarily fingerstyle instrumentals and Im using this as my main performance guitar.
I live in the Washington D.C. area.


09-18-2023, 10:44 AM

  Question about E8D TC
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Is the top adirondack alpine spruce or just simply alpine spruce?


09-17-2023, 01:59 PM

  E1 OM Upgrade Tuners
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Hi Everyone,
Can anyone advise me regarding upgrading my E1 OM Upgrade Tuners? I have had it for almost two years now I'm so happy with it that I'm sure it will be my last acoustic guitar. The tuners IMO are not consistent in rotation moving back and forth to get to pitch. So any info about where to buy upgrades preferably ones that just unscrew and re-attach without altering the headstock fastening holes

Many thanks for any suggestions

09-16-2023, 08:43 PM

  DT30 OM
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Just checking instead of listing but anyone here know of anyone interested in getting this model? I have a friend who's thinking bout selling his. It's in excellent condition and been played very little.

09-15-2023, 07:27 AM

  Gibson Solid Formed 17" Venetian Archtop
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Anyone played one of these catchily named Gibson Solid Formed 17" Venetian Archtop jazz boxes? Don't know what to make of it (interesting description if you read it). 'solid formed' top and back means what? Probably means the wood is steamed and then pressed with great force. I have no problem with this in principle but I wonder how the sound compares with the probably far more expensive carved tops. Interesting guitar though. Any views? For the money might be better off with a top of the line Eastman. Here's the link :-

09-15-2023, 06:06 AM

  Fender PM-3 Triple 0
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There has been a bit of discussion about all mahogany guitars recently. This vid is from a few years ago and features an all mahogany Fender 000. I believe there have been several iterations of the Paramount series of guitars over recent years. I never associate good acoustics with the Fender brand, but if you think about it they did own Guild for a while. This model seems quite impressive - anybody ever played one?

09-14-2023, 05:23 PM

  Visit to Tobias Music - Downers Grove, Il
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I had some time during a recent business trip to Chicago. I had heard about Tobias Music but never had the chance to stop by until this trip. Tobias is run by Paul Tobias and his father. Paul was exceptionally welcoming and patient. They have an extensive selection of Taylor guitars but I went there due to the current selection of Eastmans. Specifically 4 guitars caught my eye.

E1OM - LTD - torrefied Sitka top with figured Sapele back and sides and gloss TrueTone finish. $699

E1OMCE Limited - this is one with the cutaway, torrefied Sitka top gloss TrueTone finish, Fishman UST and figured Sapele back and sides. $799 

I was quite surprised at both of these. I expected a fairly bright guitar from my experience with Sapele, but I would not have described either as being bright. I surprisingly liked the CE better even though I am not a fan of USTs. The set up on both were good. It never ceases to amaze me that Eastman can deliver a solid wood guitar of this quality and tone at this price point.

E22SSv - slope shoulder dread Adirondack top, WALNUT back and sides and vintage finish. Very full/big tone to this one. Not quite the base of my rosewood E20SSv but very close. It is definitely more balanced. $1869

E20D-MR-TC - D14 style dread with torrefied Adirondack top, and Madagascar rosewood back and sides. I take back any negative I have said about the Madagascar backed models. This one is a beast. Loud, deep bass. sparkling trebles. Fit and finish were spot on. Just an incredible big robust rosewood dread. $2219. There was guy there with some definite skills (John) and he played this one for about 15 minutes. FWIW - a Martin build with the same materials would be close to $6K and I think the Eastman could hold its own against the Martin. 

If you are in Chicago, take a side trip and check out Tobias Music. Of the four above, my favorite was the E20D-MR-TC. #2 was the E1OMCE LTD. They were all nice guitars which I wouldn't hesitate to bring home. Unfortunately timing is not good. If I bring home another guitar, I better learn to sleep in the case.

09-14-2023, 01:39 PM