eastman guitar owners facebook group
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i don't know if any of you folks are on that, but caveat emptor if you try to buy an instrument from any of the members.

do your due diligence...unlike me. i was taken.

6 hours ago

  Drop in tuner replacement for E1D special
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First post here - been on the Acoustic Guitar Forum for over 20 years.

I've owned a dozen or so Eastmans over the last 10 years or so and recently purchased and E1D Special for a travel guitar.   I'm shocked at the build quality and tonal characteristics - VERY nice instrument.  Only complaint is the tuners.

Does anyone know of a drop in replacement?

I checked with Eastman and a couple dealers and there was no help offered.

Thanks in advance.

06-18-2024, 03:18 PM

  E3OM Deluxe thoughts?
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Whatcha all think about this model?  Sitka over ovankol.  wonderful aesthetics. 24.9" scale. it has a pickup, which i dont care about. But If this is a little melodic sustain-y 000-28ish guitar, I want to give it a whirl.

Thanks fellas

06-18-2024, 07:32 AM

  Antique varnish vs Truetone
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Hello ! 

I'm looking to buy a T64v (with bigsby), they seems to be incredible instruments ! I'm wondering about the finish, I really love vintage guitars, I hate modern "way too much" glossy finish. From the photos I'v seen of the truetone finish, it doesnt look that glossy. How does it compare to a vintage instrument or a new instrument?

Also, the Antique varnish look really cool too, but I'm worried about the cleaning when there's beer or blood spill on it (I play concerts and that kind of things happen more often than not !) , also wondering if the antique varnish is still kind of glossy or more like a matte furniture?

Photos of your guitars with thoses finish would be helpful too !


06-18-2024, 06:44 AM

  RE: Truetone gloss
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i have a question regarding the truetone finishes.

when i record guitar i use a leather thing that goes over the sides and gets my arm of the top of the guitar. it attaches via suction cups.

the manufacturer says to make sure the finish is fully cured/gassed off. but he is mainly mentioning nitro finishes.

my older eastmans are nitro and due to the time i've had them, i have no concerns, nor have had any issues.

one guitar (e10ss-tc)is brand new. the other one (e10d-tc) is a '22 model. should i be concerned about the suction cups leaving any marks on the truetone gloss?

06-15-2024, 07:10 PM

  Just purchased an E22SS/V
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I just purchased a lightly used E22SS/V from reverb for $1400 and the shop owners gave me a free setup, strap pin install and 2 day shipping. I should have the guitar by Thursday. Since the E20SS/V is my favorite Eastman and up there with my D28 Authentic 1937 I have high hopes for the E22!

I went with this one because of how straight the back grain is. The top is also a little lighter more yellow sunburst.

I will post a full review after I can spend a week or so with it.

[Image: MApKxJp.jpeg][Image: c7hIURk.jpeg]

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06-11-2024, 06:22 PM

  Eastman E series Journey
Posted by: Thedonsimon - Forum: Eastman Acoustic Guitars - Replies (5)

I'm traditionally an electric player, but as I've gotten older I just can't motivate myself as much with amps and cables and pedals and the constant twiddling of EQ knobs taking me deeper into the black hole that is the search for perfect tone.
My musical tastes have also perhaps softened and now the sound of a great acoustic guitar in the hands of a master is all I need to hear to be content.
I was already a fan of Eastman, owning a T59V for a couple of years now, I'd convinced myself I needed one of their acoustics too.
I was torn between a D or an OM. I found a place that told me they could order me in an E8OM-TC left handed. I didn't even know Eastman made that model for us tortured Southpaws! (Nothing on Eastman's website indicated it either).
3-5 weeks was the ETA. I'm admittedly not a patient person when it comes to acquiring gear and having to wait but I thought I could manage a month or so.
3 weeks came and went, as did 5 weeks, then 7 weeks. I was told by the store they are in the dark until it turns up on their doorstep!
I was getting frustrated and my eyes were straying towards other guitars, uh-oh.
That's when I convinced myself I needed both a D and an OM. I told myself it was time to thin the electric herd to make room and I caved in to desire and ordered an E20D-TC that was physically in stock at another store.
I've had the E20D about 2 weeks now and I'm struggling to put it down. It's my first dreadnought and to my pleasant surprise I adapted pretty quickly to it's size and scale length.
Smitten with the E20D I went back and forth about cancelling the order on the OM but just as I was giving up hope, after 9 weeks, I got the word at the end of last week that it had finally turned up.
It's due to arrive tomorrow and I'm excited to compare it with the E20D and figure out the strengths and weaknesses of each one.
For now he's a couple of photos of the E20D. I am pretty happy with the build quality and finish and the ebony fingerboard is stunning. I think the weight is fine but I've read a lot about Eastman's being on the heavy side. (Maybe it because I'm used to 7-8lb electrics).
I'd definitely say it's the easiest playing acoustic I've owned and I once owned a Martin 000-28EC (It was quite dark sounding and I never fully adapted to the V shape neck).


[Image: BFI7Ria.jpeg][Image: Kn7u5AC.jpeg]

06-10-2024, 12:23 PM

  B string louder
Posted by: Tone1 - Forum: Eastman Acoustic Guitars - Replies (1)

Hi, I purchased an Eastman AC522 about 6 weeks ago and find that, when plugged in, the B string is a lot louder than the others. I am using it with a thr 30II Electric guitar amp. Can anything be done to stop this?

06-10-2024, 05:24 AM

  B string louder
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Hi, I purchased an Eastman AC522 about 6 weeks ago and find that, when plugged in, the B string is a lot louder than the others. I am using it with a thr 30II Electric guitar amp. Can anything be done to stop this?

06-10-2024, 05:06 AM

  Eastman moving back to Gotoh tuners?
Posted by: Timelessdrifter - Forum: Eastman Acoustic Guitars - Replies (4)

As the subject asks - Is Eastman moving back to Gotoh tuners on their mid to upper tier acoustics?

I probably spend way too much time on Reverb, but I've noticed a lot of recent 2024 models with Gotoh open back 5xx and 7xx series tuners installed. From the mahogany/sitka series on up the chain, they're coming with Gotoh tuners (in place of Ping).

Am I late to the party, or is that news to anyone other than me?

06-09-2024, 05:52 PM